Pampanga's Best, Inc

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It all started with a helping hand

    The story goes that Mrs. Lolita O. Hizon’s neighbor, a meat vendor, had some unsold pork at the end of a market day and, not wanting to let these spoil, asked Mrs. Hizon’s help in cooking them. Mrs. Hizon came up with a formula to cure the meat; she revised the traditional Capampangan pindang (fermented pork), causing the pork to acquire that unique salty-sweet taste that we have all come to love. She called it tocino, derived from a Spanish delicacy that is sweet. Eventually, she refined the formula and the processing procedures that caused the birth of Pampanga’s Best Tocino the original version of what has now become a national favorite. So, what started out as just a neighborly gesture to help a friend has turned out to be the cornerstone of a business and a staple item on the Filipino breakfast table.

      When Mrs. Lolita O. Hizon, is asked what she thinks is the reason behind her success, she says, "I believe it is more of a divine plan. All these years, I see a visible hand guiding us always for a purpose. I would say it is Divine Providence-that is the secret".

      Today, Pampanga's Best, Inc. is a multi-million meat processing company, operated and owned by the couple, Mr. Angelo D. Hizon Jr. and Mrs. Lolita O. Hizon, and their twelve children. It manufactures eleven core products Tocino, Hotdogs, Longaniza, Ham, Bacon, Tapa, Burger Patties, Corned Beef, Embotido, Barbecue, and Chicken Nuggets, which are distributed and sold by our partners nationwide.

    Sincere to its motto, " Always the best from Pampanga’s BEST", the company puts prominence on the importance of high quality throughout its more than 40 years in the business, creating customer value, satisfaction, and loyalty. Also, it acquired the AAA Category, the highest level for a manufacturing plant, from the National Meat Inspection Service.
Consumers’ taste for something new is endless, which leads to the development of new products based on the consumers’ preference and his environment. With the expertise and creativity of its Research and Development Team, the company is able to cater to the different needs and demands of the consumers.

      Competition is growing so fast - entrants of new and small enterprises and some companies are copying our products, but with the company’s mission to adopt new technologies for the innovation of its products and service and its creatively and uniquely designed and well executed systems, Pampanga’s Best is surely a brand to match; because the value it gives to its customers is irreplaceable.

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